Why you should not skip your morning skincare routine!

When you sleep, you sweat. The dust and debris from your pillow case sticks to your skin and causes free radical skin aging damage.  You literally are aging your skin aggressively by skipping your morning cleanse.  Even if you cleanse before bed (which you should) you are not waking up with perfectly clean skin.  Some clients of mine tell me during their facial that they don’t bother cleansing their skin in the morning or just choose to use the bar soap in the shower to save time.  Um, that’s a big no no.  That soap is meant for the skin on your body which is much different than the delicate skin face.  It’s also full of harsh chemicals and ingredients that will strip the acid mantel of your top layer of skin causing it to become irritated, dry or excessively oily to make up for the oil that was stripped.  Follow the tips below to cleanse your skin properly and by all means DO NOT SKIP your morning skincare routine.

How To A.M. Cleanse

Although you must cleanse in the morning, you do not need the double cleanse that you should be doing at night to remove excess makeup.  However, most skin care professionals recommend having three cleansers on hand depending on skin condition.

You will need an emollient cleanser if your skin is dehydrated, a non-drying gel or a clay cleanser if your skin is feeling oily and something mild if the skin is feeling irritated.  Use a sensitive skin cleanser in this case and mix and match your cleansers according to your skins condition on that particular day.  Remember, when skin is clean it will absorb products better so be generous with your serums and moisturizers after cleansing and don’t forget your SPF for your final step.

For a professional cleanse and facial, contact Dina asap and get your skin looking radiant!


One thought on “Why you should not skip your morning skincare routine!

  1. Judith Roldan says:

    Great Advise ! Thank you so much. I’ve been trying very hard to keep a cleansing & toning routine. Appling Day & Night creams..
    I appreciate all tips.


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