5 ways to prep skin for Summer

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If your skin looks as dry and scaly after a winter spent hibernating under wool sweaters, use a body mitt or a grainy scrub to get your skin back to a smoother state. Slough all over using gentle, circular motions twice a week to get rid of pore clogging dead skin cells. Continue to do this all summer long, it comes in especially handy when you need to rid your skin of sunscreen and oil. An added bonus to regular exfoliation is that it makes your skin more receptive to moisturizer and helps self-tanner absorb more evenly.


Adjust your regimen to suit sweltering temps and humidity. Just like your outfits get skimpier and fabrics more breathable, same goes for your skin. If you use a creamy cleanser, lighten up with a foaming face wash or even a glycolic cleanser, like Glymed Gentle Facial wash, to remove dirt, sweat and leftover sunscreen. Same goes for moisturizer. Switch from a heavy cream to a lighter lotion and, if your skin tends to be on the oilier side, a moisture-binding serum, such as Glymed Hydro Gel with Hyaluronic Acid work to naturally lock moisture in to stay hydrated in the summer without feeling greasy.


Tank top season is coming fast. So if your back is blemish-prone, medicated cleansers containing high levels of salicylic acid, like Murad Acne Body Wash,  can help you avoid those annoying back and chest breakouts. And when it comes to body blemishes, prevention is the best medicine: change out of sweaty gym clothes and hit the showers right after a workout.


Keratosis Pilaris (aka KP) is even more of a buzz kill in the summer. To finally skip throwing a sweater over your shoulders when going strapless, treat the red, goose-bumpy skin on your upper arms with a no-holds-barred solution such as a chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatment.  Ask me about my service to banish these pesky bumps!

I hope these tips help you love the  skin you are in this Summer.  Remember to always protect your skin (body and face) with SPF 30 or higher and reapply if you are outdoors longer than a few hours.  For information on how to purchase Glymed…please email me at dinacrowell@gmail.com  This is a prescription strength professional skincare line only available through a licensed professional.  Contact me today to place your order!

– Dina, Master Esthetician


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